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The world of today is in a serious political crisis

Wealth and resources are unevenly distributed. Uneven to the degree that it is becoming a great problem.
A great many people are distressingly poor, even when they are doing a full days work, each and every day.
A selected few are absurdly rich. They lay claim to («own») most of the wealth and resources of the earth.
It cannot continue like this.
ikonWe have a political system that have made it so. It is not a «natural» state of affairs.
We may change it.
Change is hard, and challenging in so many ways, but …
ikonOne of the most central concepts of society, is how we distribute the wealth made by our work. To me it is quite obvious that the men and women involved in creating the wealth should have their fair share of it, so they are able to live good lives.
it makes sense, don’t it?
ikonBut alas; the world of today makes little sense.
When one man, on the top, takes too much, most people under him suffers for it. They suffer for the injustice, and for the lack of money to pay for what they need; food, water, clothes, a decent house.
It is so blatantly unfair that men and women working long days, do not have enough to get by. In any sound society a working soul will have a decent pay, and a good life.
They should be rewarded for the effort, for their effort is what makes the wheels turn in society.
ikonGood leadership should take care to reward all members of society, and to take care of the weak amongst us.
One way to take care of the weak, is to enable most people to take care of their own.
To do that, you have to give them the resources to cope.
And that comes back to giving them a decent pay for the work they do.
It is, actually, dead simple!
ikonHow come we have messed it up so massively???
In my lifetime I have seen the division of wealth go from bad to totally absurd. This is especially true for the US, where the absurdly rich is such a burden on society, laying claim to such a needlessly large part of the country’s wealth and ressources, making so many people suffer for it.
it is a bit dumb, ain’t it?
ikonI do not understand politicians that argue the continuation of such a system.
I do not understand tradespeople either, when they argue for such a skewed way of distributing wealth. One person holding a lot of money, will never use those dollars as effectively as a lot of people, to buy things and services.
One man can only buy so much for himself. The rest of the money will be used to amass more money, more property, more resources. He will not do society a service by doing that, only contribute to stagnation and suffering.
I do not understand how anyone can argue that this kind of thing is good for anyone. Even the rich must see that it is unhealthy for them; they are as dependant on society as we all are.
Of course they are.
To make a special society on top of the rest of society, is not a viable solution in the long run.
It is a road towards social and political catastrophe!
No one really want that, eh?
ikonSo why don’t we change this?
Why don’t we start sharing our weath and resources in a better way?
Well … it’s like this; most people are children of their time, and do not see that other solutions are possible.

ikonThe fact is that we have other solutions at hand.
The societies of the Nordic countries have been based on a sound balance between capitalism and socialism.
It has made our countries into some of the most wealthy countries of the world.
At the same time it has made our societies more equal than most other countries.
Wealth and equality is closely linked.
To balance he power of private ventures and the state is good for a society. It is very good for the people. it is a better society to live in.
Life is fair when distribution of wealth is fair.
It is safer.
More fun.
ikonLet us all defend the Nordic model, and develop it.
The social-democratic movement has been important to modern man.
We need it more than ever.
We need to rejuvenate it, and use it to install necessary changes.
We need to start now.
Please come and join us!


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